Ascian Paperplus Pvt. Ltd.

Ascian Paperplus Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Asian Paperplus) established in the year 2001 based in Kolkata deals with imported machinery items for Paper and Steel industry. Ascian Paperplus a marketing company with depth of knowledge deals each of the products manufactured by reputed companies around the globe whom they represent as Indian Agent. Ascian Paperplus with their expertise renders services to customer and help them in picking up right product item related to pulp mill, paper machine, steel mill and environment application equipment.

Ascian Paperplus are the exclusive Indian Agent of following foreign companies for marketing their products in India.

  1. Kadant UK Ltd. – United Kingdom – manufacturer of Doctoring system for Roll Surface cleaning, Filters & Showers (Responsible for Marketing in Nepal and Sri Lanka also).
  2. Bruno Industrial Ltda. – Brazil – manufacturer of Refiner & Refiner Tackle.
  3. Tevo Oy – Finland – manufacturer of Spreader Roll.
  4. CTP – Spain – Deals with Used Paper Machine, Pulp Mill Equipment and accessories.
  5. Riva Srl – Italy – manufacturer of Circular Knives, Carrier Rope.
  6. EMO – France – Manufacturer of complete range of Sludge Treatment Equipment.
  7. Bartholomy – Germany – Manufacturer of Reel Handling Equipment.
  8. Ozonia – Switzerland – Expert on Ozone Bleaching for Pulp & Paper.
  9. Recard – Italy – Complete Tissue Machine Manufacturer.

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